Consider the curious case of Mandragora Autumnalis, popularly known as The Mandrake.An ancient, robust plant, originating in the Mediterranean. The Mandrake has acquired a level of supernatural notoriety for its prominent, plump root which often, startlingly, resembles a human figure.

According to legend, when the root is ripped from the soil and exposed to sunlight, it screams with such potent fury, the feral cry instantly kills anyone who hears it.

(You do not want to know what it does when you try to fertilize it.)

In Medieval lore, the Mandrake was a central ingredient in a variety of witches’ spells and magical potions. Some believed that witches drank these potions to give them the power of flight – allowing them to take to the skies and rendezvous with other witches (time permitting).

The Standard Edition comes with maple leaves ONLY. The Holiday Edition is limited to 50 pieces and comes with the red Poinsettia leaves, Santa hat, and snowy base ONLY. Please note, leaves may VARY! 

Please note, the pot is not included because it is very fragile and would add a substantial weight and subsequent shipping cost. Fortunately, you can purchase a 6" clay pot at most stores for a few dollars. 

Order yours today! And, for peace of mind, maybe you should cover your ears when you take it out of the box -- just in case!

The MRG Mandrake sculpture measures 11 ½ inches tall by 7" and weighs 1.2 pounds. It fits inside of a 6" pot.


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