truTV Officially Licensed Impractical Jokers Gift Box -47 Hour Energy Bar

Dimensions: 12"x5"x10"

Weight: 0.2lbs/0.09kg

Made in the USA!

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For that fitness nut in the family that always makes you feel like a-failure-of-a-human-being for ordering dessert. The insane amounts of sugar and calories in 47 Hour Energy Bar will give anyone that “competitive edge!”

As seen on truTV! Joke gift boxes with nothing inside – so you can pull your own ‘Impractical Jokers prank’ on your intended ‘victim!’

Here’s how it works:

The gift recipient will see the package and think you are giving them a gift box containing some crazy invention as seen on the hit TV show – Opening the box will reveal that you’ve placed a nice, “normal” gift inside!

BONUS! All of our Joke Product Gift Boxes are created using authentic information from classic episodes of the IMPRACTICAL JOKERS TV show! So, each Joke Gift Box doubles as a COLLECTOR’S ITEM for fans!

Each gift box measures 12-inches by 10-inches by 5-inches. That provides plenty of room to place any number of different gifts inside!


In stock and shipping now!  

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