Bigfoot Track Casting

Dimensions: 14"x6"x0.5"

Weight: 2lbs/0.9kg

Made in the USA!

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Our Bigfoot Track Casting isn't just a great collectible, it also makes a cool, unique and fun garden accessory!

They are spoken of in quiet wonder and fear: legendary creatures whose existence is both passionately attested to and logically denied; debated by scientists and insistent true believers. There are sightings on record – some dating back hundreds of years – reported by those brave enough to go public with what they’ve seen.

These eyewitness accounts describe elusive, powerful looking creatures, often glimpsed only at night and at a distance; extremely tall, muscular primates, with large, elongated, ape-like skulls, feral eyes cresting sinewy bodies matted in coarse hair.

Imagine seeing the sudden movement of such a creature silhouetted against the moon, accompanied by a horrific stench… otherworldly screams…

… and the mysterious, misshapen footprints left behind -- embedded in soft earth and snow.

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We call them by regional names now made famous world-wide: “Bigfoot,” “Sasquatch,” “Skunk Ape.”

Are they the product of our imagination? Or do these legendary monsters really exist? We invite you to consider the evidence for yourself.

Molded in our own mixture of gypsum cement, Smooth-On resin, and mineral fillers, this is an actual casting of the infamous Bigfoot track related to the 1967 Patterson Bigfoot video. Not a sculpture! Our replicas are formulated to be extremely durable and impact resistant…these are NOT fragile plaster castings! Replete with entrapped earth and ground vegetation, as if you had gone back in time to 1967 and pulled a casting right out of the ground in Bluff Creek, California!

These are produced in our facility in Pennsylvania, USA. Due to the hand-made nature of this item, the finish/vegetation will vary between pieces. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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