Alien Skull Sculpture

Dimensions: 9.5"x9"x10", with stand measures 12.5" tall

Weight: 2.5lbs/1.13kg

Made in the USA!

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing/shipping



 “Watch the skies!”

A dire warning from a classic 1951 science fiction film; its urgent cry still resonates today. Are we alone in our vast universe? Or have we already been visited by strange beings of immense power… galactic voyagers who traveled to our blue world in secret, and by some accounts, never left? How are we, mere citizens, ever to discover the truth?

One thing we do know with absolute certainty: If there is one place on planet Earth infamous for its role in extraterrestrial secrets, it’s Area 51.

Area 51, a highly-classified Air Force facility located within the Nevada Test And Training Range, has a disturbing history steeped in unsubstantiated, yet persistent eye-witness accounts from former military employees - accounts of close encounters with beings not of this world.

Did a flying saucer crash land near Area 51? If so, were there extraterrestrial survivors? What did the aliens look like? What did they want? What is their origin? What is their favorite color? Their purpose? Why do they travel millions of light-years to swipe cows and probe people? How many alien artifacts are actually housed at Government facilities?

We can only imagine….

Master Replicas spared no expense in our efforts to unlock this mystery. As such, we used our connections to arrange a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the classified facility at Area 51. We didn’t leave until we had the greatest evidence for alien life in the history of the world tucked under our arm – the remnant of a once-living extraterrestrial – a perfectly preserved Alien Skull!*

We immediately pulled an RTV silicone mold off of this specimen, so that we could later create precise resin castings for our loyal customers and true-believers.* Of course, the original was put back exactly where we found it, and fortunately for us, none of the base staff was even aware of what had just happened.

Now YOU can actually own a casting of a real* Alien Skull!

Is it real? Do you think it is? That’s all that matters!*

Purchase one immediately and decide for yourself!*

*No warranty is expressed or implied as to the authenticity of this replica. Aliens may or may-not be real. MR and its affiliates make no warranty as to the actuality of aliens, their travel plans, weird hardware and instruments, scientific activities, remains, etc. The above account may or may-not be factual. We were drinking at the time and a lot of the details are still fuzzy.

Area 51 is a trademark of the federal Govt. Do not sneak into Area 51. Injury or death may result.

This Alien Skull Replica was created for us by Bone Clones. It is cast in
very-durable, rotationally-cast, hollow resin. The alien-bone color is molded
into the resin and a weathering wash is applied to each to bring out the
subtle details. Manufactured in the USA! 

Mounted on the included display support, it stands 12 ½-inches tall. Includes a certificate of authenticity.


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