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Who is more special than you?  You don’t need no Valentine to get you something super-cool.  Why not treat yourself? YOU deserve it!

If you want to treat yourself just a little, here are some suggestions.  Don’t forget that we now have new, everyday low prices!

HAL 9000 Collectors’ Tins with AE-35 Card Sets


Since we announced our Golden Ticket Contest will be extended 2 months and now offer our Collector's Tins for only $9.99, they have been flying off the shelves these past few weeks!  These are limited to only 2,500 pieces so be sure to get one before they are gone!  If you have already ordered one or are buying one today, be sure to check your tin to see if it has a golden ticket inside.  If so, you are a winner!  

HAL 9000 16GB Flash Drive


Aerospace Posters



If you want to treat yourself just a little bit more, we suggest these “coolectibles”

Bigfoot Track Casting




Space Terrains (Buy one Get one Free!)




MRG Fossil Replicas




And if you REALLY want to treat yourself, the following replicas are for you!

Smithsonian Nation’s T. rex Skull Fossil Replicas

Available in tenth-scale, quarter-scale, half-scale and full-scale.  All sizes are now in stock and shipping! 





HAL 9000 with Command Console



HAL 9000 Bluetooth Speaker


Click HERE to check out all of our collections!

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