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Master Replicas Group’s newest product line shines a light on the unknown!  


While science continues to illuminate our world and explain the unexplainable; there are still many mysteries that linger in shadow.  We’ve all heard stories told in whispers around the fire… forbidden tales of magic creatures... mythical monsters and whimsical beings imbued with elemental forces. There are historical accounts of legendary weapons crafted by long-dead artisans to protect and defend our ancestors from supernatural terrors. 

Today, creatures like Bigfoot continue to be reported around the world while the enduring mystery and documented search for the Yeti tempt the hopeful and the adventurous with mounting evidence of their existence. 

Now available on our website, each Arcane Artifact has its own amazing, unique experience page immersing collectors in the shadowy realms of these legendary beings.  So without further ado, we are excited to introduce our first five Arcane Artifacts!


Molded in our own mixture of gypsum cement, Smooth-On resin, and mineral fillers, this is an actual casting of the infamous Bigfoot track related to the 1967 Patterson Bigfoot video. Not a sculpture! Our replicas are formulated to be extremely durable and impact resistant…these are NOT fragile plaster castings! Replete with entrapped earth and ground vegetation, as if you had gone back in time to 1967 and pulled a casting right out of the ground in Bluff Creek, California!

Is Bigfoot/Sasquatch the product of our imagination? Or do these legendary monsters really exist? We invite you to consider the evidence for yourself.  Purchase yours today HERE!



Molded in Smooth-On transparent resin, tinted with pearlescent blue, black, and silver colorants to give each casting the look of having been taken from some long-deceased, mystical creature. This “what-if” replica is our interpretation of what a “real” dragon tooth would look like, replete with root details, serrated edges, multiple incisor points, and a slight translucence… just like a real fang! Sculpted by our artists, Martin Reph and Al Landron, the tooth casting measures 9-inches long by 3-inches wide.

Master Replicas Group celebrates these magnificent creatures of the imagination by offering a special opportunity to the world of mortals -- an occasion for collectors of arcane artifacts to own a rare and sought after treasure: the elusive Dragon’s Tooth!  Order yours today HERE!




Molded in Smooth-On bone-color-tinted resin with wisps of magical, color-changing, pearlescent blue and silver. Features the signature organic “swirl” seen in numerous illustrations of unicorns throughout history. The MRG Unicorn Horn sculpture is presented on a faux-stone display base with an engraved name plate with a hammered-metal finish. Measures over 19 inches high (with base; non-removable).

The unicorn horn is symbolic of innocence and purity. It has captured our imaginations and delighted fantasy fans for generations. Now, this beautiful replica of an arcane artifact is being offered to collectors of all ages.  Order yours today HERE!





This is our largest and most-unique Arcane replica so far! Our Yeti-track display measures in at a whopping 13" by 11" by approximately 2" thick (depths varies) and weighs about three pounds!

We challenged our staff to create a display unlike any other that we have ever seen... Our goal was to create a display, as if you had chopped a hunk of frozen snow and ice from Mount Everest and brought it back to show your friends. We are happy to say that they succeeded!

This piece uses a unique combination of clear resins, white, silver, and pearlescent fillers, ground crystal, and expanding foam to create a presentation that literally looks like a real, frighteningly-large footprint, pressed into translucent ice and snow; suspended forever in time!

The Yeti track pattern was copied directly from photographs of supposedly-real tracks that were encountered on Mount Everest.

Master Replicas Group now offers you the rare opportunity to own our recreation of one particular piece of physical evidence of the Yeti for yourself.  Order yours today HERE!



This Alien Skull Replica was created for us by Bone Clones. It is cast in very-durable, rotationally-cast, hollow resin. The alien-bone color is molded into the resin and a weathering wash is applied to each to bring out the subtle details.

The skull itself measures 10-inches high by 9-inches wide by 9 ½-inches deep. Mounted on the included display support, it stands 12 ½-inches tall.  Includes a certificate of authenticity. Net weight (w/stand): 2 pounds.

Now you can actually own a casting off of a “real” Alien Skull!  Is it REALLY real you ask? If YOU think it is, that’s all that matters!

Purchase one immediately and decide for yourself HERE.

Check out all of our “Coolectible” product lines HERE.


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August 20, 2019

Hi Dennis! We don’t have a date yet but we are hoping the next month or two.


August 20, 2019

When will the vampire hunter kit be available

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