February 17, 2020 1 min read

Move over Rex, there’s a new Tyrannosaurus in town.

A new species of the apex predator was unearthed accidentally in Canada this week, not by an Indiana Jones-style explorer, but by a farmer.

Dubbed the “Reaper of Death,” the dino bones, consisting of a long snout and large steak-knife-like teeth was from the late Cretaceous Period, were found by the farmer who “stumbled across the fossils in 2010 while hiking near Hays, a hamlet in southern Alberta,” according to the BBC.

While this may sound extraordinary, there are several well-known areas in the world where finding dinosaur bones are as common as stepping in a pile of dog poo in New York City. Not kidding!

Click here to view the best places to find dino bones:  NYPost.com

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