March 27, 2020 2 min read

As you all probably know, the coronavirus has been causing many, many retailers throughout the country to shut down for an undetermined amount of time. As of Monday, March 23rd,  we were required to start working from home. The good news is that our customer service team will be able to work from home and we will still be able to ship products a couple of times a week. All other departments will be not be working until we get notice that we can return to the office.  (Note:  Customers who pre-ordered the HAL 9000 will not be affected by this and the timeline should not change from our last update as everything is already over at our factory in China.)

If you have ever thought of buying one of our products but haven’t done so yet, we are now making it easier than ever to do so.  Right now, our Spring Cleaning Sale has almost everything on sale for 30% off. In addition to the sale prices, we are also giving you a 20% discount code good for almost everything on our site.  The exceptions are the HAL 9000 with Command Console, the HAL Bluetooth Speaker, the quarter-scale, half-scale and full-scale Smithsonian Nations’ T. rex fossil replicas and our partners' products.  So, until this whole coronavirus thing is contained, you can get most of our products for 50% off! The code is MRG20%OFF.

Here is a small sample of everything you can get at these incredibly low prices.  Until next time, we hope you and your families stay safe and healthy.


2001: A Space Odyssey (Prices starting as low as $9.99!)


HAL 9000 Collectors’ Tin with AE-35 Card Set

HAL Mini USB 3.0 Flash 16GB



Limited Edition HAL Mini USB 3.0 Flash 32GB (Low Stock Alert!)



Arcane Artifacts Collectibles and Garden Accessories


Bigfoot Track Casting





Fossilized Fairy



Impractical Jokers Brick-Flops Invention Replicas




AeroArt NASA Blueprints


V2 Rocket Poster



Space Shuttle Poster Set



Apollo Trajectory Plot Poster



Limited Edition Space Terrains


Olympus Mons Space Terrain



Tycho Crater Space Terrain



MRG Fossil Replicas


Allosaurus Claw Fossil Replica

Small Trilobite in Stone Fossil Replica

Velociraptor Claw Fossil Replica



Smithsonian Fossil Replicas


Smithsonian Trilobite Fossil Replica 


Smithsonian Nation’s T. rex Claw Fossil Replica




Dinoramas (Less than 10 left of each!)








Titanosaur Embryo 



Our two most popular collectibles are available with our everyday low prices plus 20% off with the code!

Smithsonian Nation’s t. rex Skull Fossil Replica  (available in tenth-scale, quarter-scale, half-scale and full-scale sizes)



“One Small Step” Apollo 11 Moon Boot Print Replica




Don’t forget about our new MR Rewards Program!  Shop today to save AND get rewarded at the same time!



-Spend $100, receive $10 Gift Card!

-Spend $250, receive $25 Gift Card!

-Spend $500, receive $75 Gift Card!

-Spend $1,000+, receive $150 Gift Card!

Check out the details HERE.

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