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This weekend we turn back the clocks which means Spring is almost here!  Just like everyone else, it’s time for us to do some Spring cleaning in the warehouse which means you are going to get some unbelievable deals!

Our first promotion we would like to tell you about is our Arcane Artifacts Garden Accessories!  Our Bigfoot Casting, Fairy Fossil and Mandrake will turn any garden into a fun, unique and whimsical place.  Imagine your neighbors coming over to check out your beautiful flowers, veggies and herbs and finding a Bigfoot track right in the middle!  

For a limited time only, we are offering these amazing pieces at over 30% off!  That’s right, we said over 30% off!!!! And if you don’t have a garden, don’t feel left out.  These also double as some of the coolest collectibles you have ever seen.


Bigfoot Track Casting


Fairy Fossil





Warehouse Clearance Deal!

Our Dinorama line has been discontinued and we only have a handful left.  To make room for some new products, we need to clear these gorgeous pieces of art out so they are priced to sell!.  


Titanosaur Embryo Dinorama (Now only $15.00!) 

(8 left in stock)



Protoceratops Dinorama (Now only $15.00!)

(10 left in stock)



Coelophysis Dinorama (Now Only $15.00!)

(Only 18 left in stock)



Don't miss your opportunity to “clean up” with these incredible deals!  You may also want to check around our website, there may be some more amazing deals hiding out there!

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