November 21, 2019 2 min read

We are excited to announce our first Black Friday 50% off deal!  Our amazing Dragon Tooth from our Arcane Artifacts line! 

Master Replicas Group celebrates these magnificent creatures of the imagination by offering a special opportunity to the world of mortals -- an occasion for collectors of arcane artifacts to own a rare and sought after treasure: the elusive Dragon’s Tooth!

Molded in Smooth-On transparent resin, tinted with pearlescent blue, black, and silver colorants to give each casting the look of having been taken from some long-deceased, mystical creature. This “what-if” replica is our interpretation of what a “real” dragon tooth would look like, replete with root details, serrated edges, multiple incisor points, and a slight translucence… just like a real fang! Sculpted by our artists, Martin Reph and Al Landron, the tooth casting measures 9-inches long by 3-inches wide.

The MRG Dragon tooth sculpture is presented on a faux-stone display base with an engraved name plate with a hammered-metal finish. The tooth is removable from the base. These are produced in our facility in Pennsylvania, USA. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

As we have mentioned in previous emails, we aren’t going to announce how long this amazing deal will last but I can give you a hint!  Think days, not weeks!  

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own this fantastic replica for half off!  These make great Christmas gifts for anyone who loves dragons, cryptids, and fans of dragon movies and TV shows.

Order yours today HERE!


We know, your mind is still spinning from the Dragon’sTooth deal, but we have one more spectacular Black Friday deal for you!  We are offering our most popular Arcane Artifact, the Bigfoot replica, at 30% off! This deal will go on until December 31st but don’t wait too long!  We currently only have a limited number is stock.

Order yours today HERE!



Both of these collectibles are in stock and shipping now!  Be the person who gives the most cool and unique presents. Don’t give another gift card.  But hey, if you roll that way you can still give the most cool and unique gift cards! (Yeah, we have no shame.)

Order our gift cards HERE!


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