October 22, 2019 2 min read

Our HALoween Spooktacular Continues!

Dinosaurs were scary when they existed and they still frighten us today.  Movies like The MegJurassic Park and even Godzilla remind us of how fearsome these creatures really were and even though they are long gone, they still send chills down our spines.

From now until Halloween, October 31st, we are offering our scariest dino fossil replicas at 10% off!  Order yours today and get them before Halloween!

The Megalodon

Why so scary?  The Megalodon was about 3 times the size of a great white shark and had 7 inch razor sharp teeth!  Sounds pretty scary to us!

Megalodon Tooth Fossil Replica



Megalodon Educational Version Fossil Replica



Tyrrannosaurus Rex

Why so scary?  Not only was the T. rex enormous, (about the size of a bus and weighing in at over a ton), they were also intelligent and had super-sharp senses making them the perfect killing machines.  Need we say more? 

T. rex Broken Tooth Fossil Replica



T. rex Broken Tooth Educational Version Fossil Replica



Licensed Smithsonian Nation’s T. rex Claw Fossil Replica


Why so scary?  These fearsome prehistoric creatures were carnivores, feasting on the flesh of the unfortunate animals they caught by slashing or puncturing them with their very long toe claws.  We think you get the point.

Velociraptor Claw Fossil Replica



Velociraptor Claw Educational Version Fossil Replica


Why so scary?  The Allosaurus rivaled the T. rex in size and weighed over 3,000 pounds.  This carnivore’s mouth contained dozens of sharp teeth that were serrated at the front and rear edges, making it a breeze to take down big herbivores like the Apatosaurus.  They were big and had an even bigger appetite!  

Allosaurus Claw Fossil Replica 



Allosaurus Claw Educational Version Fossil Replica

Take advantage of these dino-sized savings and start you fossil replica collection today!  You know you want to “bite” the bullet and buy one, or two, or all of them.

To view all of our fossil replicas, click HERE.

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