December 05, 2019 2 min read

We met Murr — James Murray, the star of the TruTV show "Impractical Jokers" — when he was Book Revue recently. We loved his book, "The Brink: An Awakened Novel,"   but we also wanted to talk to him about the show. 

What is the best memory you have of being on the show, “Impractical Jokers”?

Certainly not skydiving. That was terrifying. My favorite memory was the 100th episode, where we had to walk the tightrope. It was like a live episode. And Q won $100,000 for charity. That was my favorite moment.

What was the worst punishment you ever watched someone else complete?

Oh, man. It was hard watching Q have the tarantulas put on him. He was so scared. But it was funny for me. It was hard watching Joe when he’s the Genie dressed all in blue and he’s swinging around the sets knocking the whole set over. It was fun to watch those two.

How do you guys come up with the punishments?

The punishments are the only things on the show that really only the four of us have to come up with. Like we have a team of our friends that help us write, challenge ideas, come up with challenge ideas. But the punishments are so personal that it kind of comes from within. Really what happens is one guy will leave the room to go to the bathroom. And the other three will like start whispering something that we think is funny. I think a lot of it is just based on our past. We’ve been best friends since we were your age. We know so much about each other that it’s not that hard. We think about what would be terrifying to one of our friends and then we go with it.

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