October 04, 2019 2 min read

Prank your friends Impractical Jokers Style!

The perfect hilarious gift boxes for Christmas, birthdays, showers, anniversaries, Flag Day, Groundhog Day, National Beer Can Appreciation Day, National Tator Tot Day...........
They're here! Master Replicas Group truTV Licensed Impractical Jokers Joke Gift Boxes are on sale right now!  And to celebrate the occasion, for a VERY limited time, we are offering $3.00 off every box!  

This offer won't last long so buy yours today HERE!


Just imagine your friend’s or family member’s face when they unwrap their holiday gift and see they got a Tire-Baby!  They will be confused (and somewhat worried about you) for picking out that gift for them, only to be surprised with a “real” present inside!  Hysterical laughter will ensue, good times will be had by all, and you will be the hit of your holiday gathering! (Or, you will be hit at your holiday gathering...one of those...we can't be sure.)  

And don’t forget!  These boxes also double as collectibles!  Put them on your TV stand or put them on a shelf on your wall so they can bring a smile to your face every time you see them, just like the Jokers do. So, at these extremely affordable prices, you can buy a few for you to keep, and a few to give as gifts!

In closing, this is a new license for us and it is the first time that a product like this has ever been done for Impractical Jokers so we are asking for your help!  We are asking that if you are a huge fan of the Jokers like we are, that you purchase just ONE Impractical Jokers Joke Gift Box and support us!  Of course, if you wanted to buy more, we wouldn’t hate it.

We want to keep making more of these wacky boxes, and soon, actual Impractical Jokers invention replicas, so the more boxes we sell, the more replicas we will be able to make!  We currently have over a dozen different box designs and several prop replicas in development that we would love to make for you so your support is greatly appreciated.


The MRG Team

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