November 07, 2019 1 min read

Here is the latest HAL 9000 Update!

The pictures below are of the revised test-shot with a number of revisions. We have added different jack locations and improved the keypad functionality. Please note that this still has the incorrect striping and is missing the lettering. The glossy finish will also be replaced with a semi-matt black finish, which is actually done in the tooling (so no paint to wear off) but they only do that as the absolutely final step after ALL other corrections are completed. Our next tool debug sample will have all of the corrections finally implemented and final matt finish and graphics applied. (They are adjusting some internal bosses for the revised electronics geometry, so that is why the matt finish has not yet been done.). This is an important process to make sure that ALL of our corrections are done to the test shots prior to final production molding.

We are also completing our fifth (or so) round of revisions to the operating software to make sure that it is compatible with all regulations and is as user-friendly as possible. Some regulations have changed in the last year, so we have to make adjustments to remain in compliance prior to shipment. As always, the unit has the ability to receive remote-updates, so we can always update the software after shipping.

The latest shipping date from the factory has not changed since our last update.  


If you haven't ordered your HAL 9000 with Command Console or HAL 9000 Bluetooth Speaker it isn't too late!   Just click HERE.

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