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As you know from our last update, we received the first test shot of the HAL 9000.  After going over it with a fine tooth comb, we had to have the factory make several improvements/corrections.  Below is an update from our product development team on a few of those improvements:

As we reviewed the first injection molded plastic parts from production molds – first articles – and the assemblies made from them, we had the opportunity to evaluate how good our design was and how well it was executed.  We think that both our designers and the factory that made the molds and are making the final product did pretty well. Having said that, with parts in hand, there are always improvements that can be made. Here are some that we are making.

HAL is currently held in the Command Console with magnets acting on steel plates.  That will hold HAL well when the Command Console is on a wall. However, when a user wants to remove HAL from the Command Console by pushing on HAL through the holes in the Console, there is a small chance that the one or the other of the components may slip.  We added a captive screw (always in place in the Console) with the intention that it will make the removal of HAL a more controlled process.

Similarly, when HAL rests on the Desktop Stand, the large speaker magnet holds HAL in place by acting on the steel plate in the Desktop Stand.  To ensure that HAL is fully placed in position, we added ribs on the Stand that press into grooves on the back of HAL. They will also serve to hold HAL in place against the electronic contact pins.


While it was always our intention that HAL be placed in the Command Console when mounted on a wall, we heard that some of you would like to mount HAL on a wall without him being in the Console.  Accordingly, we added “keyhole” hanging slots on the back of HAL. We also added a power jack on the bottom of HAL, so he will be functional when hanging independent of the Console.


We will post another update of other changes soon – most of them are very minor at this point.

The factory has given us a new shipping date of November. Our Product Development Director will be going to spend a couple of weeks at the factory this month to work with the factory and oversee production so that everything goes according to plan.

Again we apologize for the delay.  You have all been incredibly patient throughout the process of getting this complex replica made and we greatly appreciate it. 

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