January 15, 2020 1 min read

We want to give a big thanks to Figures.com who wrote an amazing review about our Smithsonian Nation's T. rex Skull Fossil Replicas.

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Long-time collectors will remember Master Replicas for their high-end Star Wars lightsaber replicas. While the company no longer has the Star Wars license (that’s primarily Hasbro now), Master Replicas does still produce high-end replicas. Case in point, their authentic dinosaur fossil replica license with the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.  

From lethal raptor claws to primative trilobites, Master Replicas has taken on the prehistoric era head on. Aside from the wide diversity of dinosaur items being offered, what’s really cool about Master Replicas’ Smithsonian product line is the broad spectrum of flexible pricing. Master Replicas is keenly aware that not everyone has $10k for a life-size T. rex skull (yes, they are offering one!), so they have smartly offered different scales at different price points.

While the smallest of the bunch at 6-inches long, the 1/10th-scale T. rex skull features the same jaw-dropping detail and authenticity as the other three skull replicas. These were all modeled on the world-recognized Nation’s T. rex (USNM 555000) on display at the National Museum of Natural History (I’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing this in person – simply amazing).

Read more here:  Figures.com

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