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“That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” - Neil Armstrong

Check out our latest Aerospace Collectible! This item will be available to order in the next week or two!

"One Small Step" (Apollo 11 Bootprint Replica)

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, Master Replicas Group is proud to present “One Small Step”, a sculpture evoking humanity’s first steps off of the Earth.

“One Small Step” is a life-size replica of the imprint left by astronauts’ boots in the fine, powdery lunar soil. Using the process called photogrammetry, artist Whitney Potter combined in the computer the close-up photos that were taken on the moon, to extract a 3D rendering of the lunar surface. From this, artist Jeff Stanislawski sculpted a printable 3D form, capturing every nuance of texture and detail.

Each replica is hand-cast and hand-finished from super-strong resin for durability. Imported fragile polystone is never used in our recreations. MRG replicas are made to last a lifetime.

At 16 inches tall, “One Small Step” is an impressive display piece for wall or table. The bootprint itself is captured at life size (over 13 inches long). Hanging fixtures are molded into the back for wall mounting.

Approximate size: 16" x 11" x 1"

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(Picture is the prototype shown at Great Philadelphia Comic Con. Final color and finish may vary.)

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Space Collectibles
Space Collectibles

July 27, 2019

Thanks for this great replica of “one small step”. Is it Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin imprint ?

I am 52 years old, living in Paris, France. (Yes, that does mean I drink too much wine and eat too much cheese) . Since the age of 21, I became a big fan of Space Exploration as I studied in Cap Canaveral Florida, and worked with the engineers that put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. So, this is perhaps the reason why I became a pasionate Space Collectioner : Mainly photos from the space race in the 60’s from Nasa and Soviet programs. I have in my collection the last Xray print of Neil Armstrong Boots : Have a look ! https://www.space-collectibles.com/store/products/195950

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